Fr James Martin becomes a hate figure for speaking out against homophobia in Poland

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FAR-right Christian website LifeSiteNews has launched a petition calling on the Jesuit Order to ‘publicly censure’ Martin, above, ‘for the scandal he caused in insulting Poles everywhere, their culture, their traditions and their religion.’

So, what did Martin do to earn the wrath of LSN, one of America’s worst purveyors of conspiracy theories?

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He tweeted a picture of a ‘bastardised’ image to the Virgin Mary, above, saying:

In Poland, where homophobia is rampant, LGBT people are on trial for ‘desecrating’ a copy of the Black Madonna. But Mary is for everyone, including LGBT people, and there is a long history of portraying her as part of different faith communities.

The LGBT community has few images like this. So it is not surprising that they would add their own

symbol, the rainbow, in a respectful way, to a beloved image of their mother. How appropriate that she is weeping, for it (is) her son who suffers whenever an LGBT person is persecuted.

LSN’s hysterical petition – so far signed by more than 15,000 delusional knuckleheads – declares:

Fr. Martin, above, clearly crossed the line with his decision to subvert this holy icon. His actions are a stain on the Jesuit Order. Martin needs to get the message that his erroneous ideas about religion and culture, coupled with his recklessness when it comes to others’ religious sensibilities and beliefs, cannot be given a free pass.

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The petition will be hand-delivered to the headquarters of the Jesuit Order in Rome.

Michael Hichborn, above, President of the Lepanto Institute, “called out” Martin for promoting a “depraved perversion” of a cherished image of Our Lady.

Depicting Our Lord and Our Lady with halos symbolizing one of the four sins which cry to Heaven for vengeance is so far beyond sacrilege and blasphemy that it’s downright satanic.

Our Lady is the summit of all purity and all humility, and the LGBT movement is the abysmal trough of filth and pride. The attempt to wed the two is an insult of infinite proportions.

How many souls will this man be allowed to lead to Hell before he is finally censured?

LSN then tells its readers why rainbows become”satanic” when queers get their filthy hands on them:

The rainbow was originally a religious symbol of God’s covenant with man that God used to convey to Noah (Genesis 9:13-17) that he would never again destroy the world by a flood. There are seven colors in a naturally-occurring rainbow.

The number seven in the Bible often symbolizes completion, perfection, and the fulfillment of promises and oaths. LGBT activists co-opted the rainbow in the late 1970s, creating a flag where the different colors are often interpreted as signifying sexual ‘diversity.’

The LGBT rainbow flag, however, has only six colors, one short of a real rainbow and the perfect number. In the Bible, six is often associated with sin, imperfection, and even Satan. The book of Revelation says that the bringing together of three sixes is the number of  ‘the beast.’

Meanwhile The Independent reports that a  town in Poland has become the first in the country to reverse a decision to become an “LGBT+ free zone”, following international protests over the fact that almost 100 municipalities in the country that introduced such zones.

Councillors in Nowa Dęba – a town of 11,000 in southeast Poland – voted to undo the 2019 ruling intended to show the town’s determination to “defend against aggressive, deceptive and harmful LGBT ideology” and  “homo-propaganda”.

In last week’s vote, 10 of the 15 councillors voted in favour of withdrawing the resolution, one abstained, and the remaining four attended the meeting but did not vote.

Chairman Damian Diektiarenko, who submitted the motion revoking the declaration, said the council’s intentions had been:

Misunderstood. We cannot allow anyone to tarnish the image of the commune by using this declaration.

Misunderstood? What Diektiarenko is really saying is “boo-hoo, our bigotry has been put on the world stage and we aren’t happy.”

Nowa Dęba had been twinned with the Irish town of Fermoy, but that connnection was severed last October.

Noel McCarthy, a member of the Fermoy Twinning Committee, said:

We must stand up to people like this. You can not do this in 2020 and be seen to be able to get away with it.

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