Dr Aaron Edwards, above, a father of five, was dismissed for misconduct by Cliff College, a Methodist college in Derbyshire, after he was accused of bringing the college into disrepute on Twitter. He now making suing noises.

Edwards, 37, is “considering his legal options” and believes the college has discriminated against him by breaching its obligations under the Equality Act 2010, according to Christian Concern.

The lecturer and preacher also started a fundraiser and hopes to raise £200,000 to support his family and to finance campaigns to oppose “the silencing of Christian free speech in an increasingly anti-Christian society.”

His crowdfunder adds:

My dismissal by Cliff College in March 2023 was based on the charge of having brought the college into disrepute due to my tweet. As I explained in a follow-up thread at the time, I believe the tweet was misrepresented and I cannot in good conscience apologise for it, not least at the behest of a Twitter mob.

I believe the language, tone, and content of that tweet was appropriately informed by the language, tone, and content of the New Testament, particularly when speaking about issues of sin, holiness, and the Gospel within the Church. The reason such a stance now causes such offence even to some Christians is evidence of just how far removed many modern Christians are from the content of the Bible in their speech and practice. 

Here’s his “not homophobic” tweet:

Premier Christian News quotes Edwards as saying:

It seems the college is a safe place for those who are pro LGBTQ+, but not for conservative evangelicals. What has happened exposes that living with contradictory convictions is not possible for an evangelical Christian.

Cliff College said in the statement posted on Twitter:

We have become aware that one of our lecturers posted some comments on this platform this morning regarding human sexuality. The language used is inappropriate and unacceptable and does not represent either the views or the ethos of Cliff College.

Cliff College, with the Methodist Church in Britain, is committed to being a safe and hospitable place, where those with differing convictions are welcomed and challenged to live together as faithful disciples of Christ. We aim to do this with mutual respect and a generosity of spirit that springs from our biblical and evangelical conviction of God’s love for each and for all.

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According to Christian Concern, headed by the deranged Andrea Minichiello Williams, above, one senior member of staff at the Methodist Church in Britain—”who holds significant influence over the missional direction of the Methodist Church”—wrote that Dr Edwards’ tweet had “distressed”’ “colleagues. They added that it “could be extremely damaging” and “impact the college’s core work” and its “business plan.”

They said that the tweet placed in doubt whether Cliff College is “safe for both members of staff and of churches and circuits who participate in its programmes and activities”

Christian Concern quoted Edwards as saying

What has happened to me demonstrates that conservative biblical views on human sexuality are no longer ‘tolerated’ in the Methodist church in the UK. Rather it is clear that those beliefs are to be silenced and stamped out.

And Williams bleated:

It is saddening and very concerning to see the Methodist Church, and a once renowned bible college, lose its way by no longer upholding marriage as God defines it, or supporting those who express it.

The key to the revival that sprung up through Methodism was its passion for the truth that is contained in the Bible. I caught that passion from faithful Methodist Sunday school teachers as a young girl and it is devastating to see the movement reflecting society’s values rather than upholding true marriage.

The bible is clear that homosexual practice is sinful. Dr Edwards is right that if sin is no longer sin, we no longer need Jesus as our Saviour.

If the Christian Legal Centre (CLC), an arm of Christian Concern, which represents “persecuted” Christians, takes this matter to court the case will most likely end up being tossed. The CLC loses far more lawsuits than it wins.

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