They claim gay marriage was introduced with the sole aim of 'owning' Christians.

MUSLIMS are bent on using America’s religious liberties to further the Islamisation of the country, “conservative commentator” Pax Hart, above, told a Proud Boys member in a video back in 2017.

Speaking to Proud Boy New York Resident Geoff Young during a “Ride for Homeland Security” Hart declared:

The worst thing we have going for us is our religious liberty. It’s our greatest vulnerability.

In the video he made the claim that countries such as France and Germany would soon become Islamic.

Hart, who was in a same-sex relationship for ten years, is now using Twitter to rail against gay marriage, saying in an April tweet:

The only reason LGBT activists demanded the word ‘marriage’ was to own Christians.

His tweets were music to the ears of far-right gay columnist Doug Mainwaring, who writes for the hate-filled Christian news outlet, LifeSiteNews.

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Yesterday (Monday) the pathetic little twerp, above, penned a piece in which he claimed that a “considerable number” of gay conservatives were complicit:

Mainwaring said:

In the unleashing of the transgenderism Leviathan on the youth of the world and must do their part to destroy the monster they’ve helped create.

It was within this hysterical piece that Mainwaring latched onto Hart’s tweets, especially the one below, which is both racist and homophobic.

He added:

If the transgender Leviathan now devouring our nation’s kids is going to be beaten back and dispatched to the graveyard of history where it belongs, if there is to be any hope of a reawakening of conservatism in our nation, it is in large part going to have to be led by those who experience same-sex attraction calling for Obergefell to be overturned.

The numbskull then when onto assert that, through the power of Jesus:

There are perhaps as many or more who have walked away from homosexuality and transgenderism than there are those who pledge allegiance to the rainbow flag.

To support this claim he referred to an event in Washington DC in 2019, when:

Former gay, lesbian, and transgender men and women repented and interceded on behalf the nation for the sins of homosexuality and transgenderism.

Yet earlier in his atrocious piece the self-loathing queer wrote:

One-in-four high school students now identify as anything but heterosexual. According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control), while 87.3 percent of high school males recognize themselves as heterosexual, just 61.6 percent of high school girls do.

Mainwaring: time for Obergefell v. Hodges to be overturned

There is nothing Mainwaring and his new-found fascist buddy would like more than to see same-sex marriage scrapped.

Said Mainwaring:

The hormones, the surgeries, the ‘social transitioning’ of kids in public schools behind their parents’ back, the pornographically indecent drag shows, the degradation of innocence—none of it would be happening to the degree it now is were it not for the U.S. Supreme Court’s indefensible Obergefell decision establishing same-sex marriage across the land in 2015 and the normalization of homosexuality that preceded that pivotal ruling.

It beggars belief that homosexuals who old enough to remember the faith-based oppression of their own kind, and especially those of colour within LGBT+ communities, are now trying to turn back the clock to those dark days.

Today, a passionate piece posted to Reddit Atheism called for greater action against the reactionary course America is currently on:

We are seeing a hostile takeover of our country by radical right wing Christians. In local towns across this country, books are being banned again, libraries are closing, and religious rules are replacing secular thought. We are going backwards as Christians are demanding their way.

Religion does not have the right to force everyone to abide by their archaic rules and biases. If we do not fight this more, we will end up spending years living under theocratic rule.

We should be confronting these radical demands head on, and fighting back against these mouth breathing troglodytes screaming and taking over school boards. Where is the pushback?

I don’t see nearly enough. How is it possible that we’ve let book banning become a thing again after 60+ years? We are letting our children and future children down. We should be screaming just as loud, pushing back just as hard as they push, and fighting them at every turn.

They are smaller in number, but they are louder, nastier, and they are winning these legal battles. The only thing worse than their actions is our inaction. How is it possible that we are letting this happen?

As a society it is incumbent upon us to start steering the conversation toward the fact that religion is mind control, that religion is child abuse, and that religion is neither moral or ethical.

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