Salt Lake City Mormon Ryan Woods received a rapturous reception when he attended a recent gathering of far-right Trumpitas because he calls himself a 'costume artist'.

WHEN Ryan Woods, aka Lady Maga USA, attended a recent Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Florida he got a rapturous reception despite his appearance in full drag.

Given the Republicans’ hatred of drag queens, one has to ask why Woods, a Salt Lake City Mormon, wasn’t pelted with eggs and beaten with pick axe handles by the far-right gathering of“God’s angels”—or, as I prefer, MAGGOTS!

The answer is simple. Woods loves The Almighthy and His Chosen One Donald Trump and “prays to Jesus every day,” according to his Facebook profile.

Furthermore, he’s NOT a drag queen. He’s a “costume artist”, according to a report yesterday in LGBTQ Nation.

Lady Maga , in a message posted on Twitter, said:

CPAC was a 4-day magical roller coaster. I didn’t have a minute to myself. Smiles, love, cameras, interviews & non-stop photos. What an honor to have grown to this level. I’m exhausted but blissful. I walk with God’s angels now.

In an other tweet he said:

As I’ve stated, I now prefer to call myself a costume artist—not a drag queen. The drag world was a way I could use my talents, but they destroyed their credibility with predatory filth. I’m a performer. I can play any cosplay character. My artistry is about creativity & fun! ????

Image via Facebook

Woods, according to LGBTQ Nation, is gay and has been doing drag for years but only came up with his MAGA-themed creation in 2019.

Writer of the report, Greg Owen said of Woods:

He’s been a pariah among the drag community ever since.

And according to one popular Salt Lake drag artist, Tara Lipsyncki:

I only personally worked with them once, and never booked him because of his Lady Maga and hateful rhetoric against trans people. He was ostracized for sure after he came out as Lady Maga, but that wasn’t the whole reason.

He was ostracized because of his online attacks towards many in the community here … The whole Trump love was just the icing on the cake.

Lady Maga’s reception at CPAC went a heck of a lot better than his appearance at Trump’s Million Man March in December 2020, where he spoke to the crowd of election deniers on the Washington Mall in the weeks leading up to the January 6 insurrection.

“Shame!” they shouted at the “not-a-drag queen” dressed in red, white, and blue to indicate his patriotisn and belief that “we are one nation under God”.

If you really need evidence that religion can turn a person into gibbering nutjob, look no further than Lady Maga.