In Massachusetts, Maura Healey defeated Republican Geoff Diehl to become both the first woman and first open lesbian to hold the state’s governorship. She’s also the first open lesbian to to be elected Governor of any state.

Minorities and marginalised people found favour with American voters in Tuesday’s midterm elections, choosing them to as their representatives.

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One stunning victory went to Democrat Maura T Healey, above, who coasted to victory in the Massachusetts gubernatorial election Tuesday.

The Harvard Crimson reported that she “easily downed a Trump-backed opponent to become the first woman ever elected to the state’s top post.”

Healey, who will become the first openly lesbian governor in American history, is the third consecutive Harvard College alum elected governor of Massachusetts. She dominated Republican Geoffrey G Diehl, who conceded just before 11 pm on Tuesday.

She said:

I stand in front of you tonight proud to be the first woman and first gay person ever elected governor of Massachusetts.

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At the congressional level, Becca Balint, above, won a landslide victory to become the first lesbian, and first woman, to occupy Vermont’s single seat in the House of Representatives.

Balint previously became the state’s first lesbian state senator in 2014. “It’s such an incredible honour,” Balint said in an interview shortly after her election, celebrating that people in Vermont “can finally see themselves in elected office.”   

Meanwhile, Democrats Abroad used Twitter to celebrate the election in New Hampshire of James Roesener.

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NH was the first state in the country to elect a transgender man into their legislature.

Annise Parker, President and CEO of the LGBTQ Victory Fund and a former mayor of Houston, wrote in a statement:

From safeguarding reproductive rights to increasing investment in New Hampshire’s education and health care systems, James is well prepared to enact legislation that will deliver lasting results for his community. Trans people—and trans men in particular—remain severely underrepresented in government at every level, but we are confident his win will inspire many more trans people to run for office.

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The historic firsts didn’t end with the LGBT+ community. Maryland elected Wes Moore, above, as the state’s first Black Governor.

In his acceptance speech, Moore thanked voters for believing in “the son of an immigrant.”

He said in a Twitter statement:

It is not lost on me that I’ve made some history here tonight. But I also know I’m not the first one to try. This is just more proof that progress is possible in Maryland. And I am humbled to be a part of this legacy.

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In Florida, the youth claimed a victory, with Maxwell Alejandro Frost, above, securing a victory as the first member of Gen-Z to be elected to the House of Representatives. 

“WE WON!!!!” the 25-year-old wrote on Twitter.

History was made tonight. We made history for Floridians, for Gen Z, and for everyone who believes we deserve a better future. I am beyond thankful for the opportunity to represent my home in the United States Congress.

Frost, a prolific organiser and activist who has worked with both the ACLU and the March for Our Lives, ran on a progressive platform that promises to:

End gun violence, win Medicare For All, transform our racist criminal justice system, and end the climate crisis.

In a tweet following the announcement of his victory, Frost wrote that his campaign was:

For everyone who believes we deserve a better future.

Reproductive rights

Meanwhile, CNN reports that voters in four states moved to affirm abortion rights on Tuesday, following a months-long push from Democrats nationwide to act on the issue in the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision overturning Roe v. Wade in June.

Party lawmakers and organizers cast the midterm elections as a referendum on Republican efforts to limit women’s choices, even as voters consistently expressed more concern about issues like the economy.

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