UK hate group Christian Concern is dismayed that more people in England and Wales are identifying as LGBT+. Tim Dieppe, above, CCs Head of Public Policy, blames pushy gay and transgender people for undermining Christian influence.

Transgender and non-binary people were counted for the first time in the 220-year history of the census for England and Wales, which revealed that 262,000 people identify as a gender different to their sex registered at birth.

The census also revealed that 112,000 people described themselves as pansexual, 28,000 as asexual, and 15,000 as homosexual.

Image via YouTube. Watch her declaring that ‘hard secular atheism has become a ‘religion.

A glum Tim Dieppe—a stooge chosen by the outfit’s deranged founder Andrea Minichiello Williams, above, to help spread her venomous ideas—yesterday (Thursday) homed in on the census, saying:

Those willing to identify themselves as having an LGBT+ identity therefore make up 3.7% of the population. This is lower than the latest church membership figures (c.10%) or church attendance figures at around 4.7%. Of course, the key difference here is that LGBT+ is growing rapidly, whilst church membership and attendance is in decline.

Similarly, the LGBT+ lobby is having a disproportionate influence on public policy for its size, whereas the influence of Christianity is declining.

This is rich, considering that Christianity Daily this week pointed out that:

Christianity has a special relationship with the government, for example, the head of the Church of England is also the head of state, and bishops hold seats in the legislative body. In the past, many people saw institutions such as the Church, monarchy, and government as untouchable and respected.

And many still do. Because of pressures exerted on lawmakers, the UK would not be lagging behind other Western nations that have outlawed conversion therapies and approved assisted suicide.

Image via YouTube

FFS, there’s even a Christians in Parliament group, chaired by Sir Gary Streeter, above, which is “committed to supporting Christians across all parties in living out their faith in their work in Parliament.”

Dieppe concluded:

If only Christians were as vocal and proud of their views and identity in Christ! Perhaps there is a lesson to be learned there?

The Christianity Daily report reveals that, according to the census, for the first time in history, less than half of the people in England and Wales identify as Christians. This reflects a persistent trend in which support for the Anglican Church, “a significant tenet of the British establishment,” is declining.

The number of persons identifying as Christians has decreased by 17 percentage points since 2011 to 46 percent. In addition, the number of persons identifying as having “no religion” has sharply increased.

“No religion” today makes up 37 percent of the population, or 22 million people, compared to 14 percent 20 years ago.

It suggests that the there are now fewer believers because of the numerous scandals and controversies that have plagued these institutions in recent years; from the financial misconduct of the royal family to the cover-up of sexual abuse by the Church of England.

That might be true, but my guess is that people today, especially the young, are simply less inclined to believe in the bullshit on which Christianity—indeed all religions—are based.

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