Unhinged Christian fundamentalist Stephen Green is the 'brains' behind the resolution, which calls on the NT to stop supporting LGBT+ events

Green, creator of an anti-gay, anti-vaccine website called Christian Voice UK, imagines he’s the right person to be elected to the Council of the National Trust, and vows that, if chosen in November, he will bring it back to its “core principles” and stop it participating in Pride events.

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Green, above, who has lobbied against the criminalisation of marital rape and defended overseas laws proposing the execution of some gay people, declares:

I am standing for election to the Council to end the National Trust’s apparent obsession with fashionable causes and bring it back to its core principles. For example, the Trust has no idea how much money it wasted parading in the 2019 Birmingham Gay Pride nor if that divisive exercise, gained any new members. I shall put a stop to such profligacy and waste …

The NT’s AGM is due to take place on November 5.

In its 2022 AGM handbook, the National Trust’s board of trustees lays out its own position against the resolution, according to PinkNews.

The trustees said:

The National Trust’s role is to protect and promote everyone’s heritage, of which LGBTQ+ history is an important part. We do not believe that taking part in any of the cultural celebrations we support is divisive, in fact we see these events as an opportunity to bring people together.

A spokesperson for the National Trust told PinkNews:

The National Trust was founded for the benefit of everyone. We serve the whole of our wonderfully diverse society and we want to do that to the very best of our ability. This includes supporting our staff, volunteers and visitors to take part in cultural celebrations including Pride, which they have been doing for many years.

The AGM and resolutions process is a critical part of our governance and importantly, it allows our members to vote on issues that matter to them. This resolution does not align with our values and it runs counter to our ethos.

We urge our members to vote against this resolution and to help us keep the culture of understanding and respect that we are dedicated to fostering at the National Trust.

We fully support our staff, volunteers and visitors being able to take part in celebrations of LGBT+ society and history, including Pride.

I first reported on “Birdshit” Green’s attempt to infiltrate the National Trust last October, and pointed out that, apart from inciting hatred of gay people, he was pumping out anti-vaccination propaganda.

At the end of an October 5 post, Green wrote:

Pray that Almighty God will vindicate and sustain those who in good conscience resist all the pressure and refuse the experimental Covid vaccines. May he bring an end to the oppression of restrictions and consign the unjust lockdowns to the history books. May he grant repentance, humility and the fear of God to those in power.

PinkNews points out that In contrast with the National Trust’s mission statement—“for everyone, for ever”—Green has referred to being gay as a “deviant lifestyle” and even openly supported a Ugandan bill that would have made gay sex punishable by death.

Green has described Pride as “an in-your-face offensive onslaught of aggression, intolerance, depravity and division designed to intimidate and assault the mind”, previously argued that it is impossible for a husband to rape his wife, and has branded feminism as an “anti-Christian movement sets up an ungodly, unseemly competition between men and women”.

Note: Last year I launched a petition in a bid to keep the Green creature from getting a place on the NT.

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