Andrea Minichiello Williams' hate group is advising followers on how to oppose UK efforts to ban dangerous 'gay cures'

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CHRISTIAN Concern, headed by deranged homophobe Williams, above, is grooming people on how to respond to a UK government consultation regarding a planned ban of therapies intended to turn LGBT people straight.

In a recent “Respond to the consultation on ‘conversion therapy’” post, Williams’ outfit is advising its followers on how to answer questions posed on the on-line consultation which ends on December 10, 2021.

The government says:

In this consultation we are seeking views from individuals and organisations on our proposals to ban conversion therapy.

We are committed to building a society in which conversion therapy no longer takes place. Our intention is to bring forward a ban in the criminal law that is supported by additional interventions that will ensure these practices are ended.

Our approach has been built on a detailed assessment of the existing legislative framework to identify gaps that currently allow conversion therapy to continue. Having identified gaps in the law, we have developed a practical package of interventions to truly put a stop to these practices. We are determined to deliver a conversion therapy ban that protects people from these practices.

We ask questions throughout the consultation to gather views on aspects of the policy including:

• Targeting physical acts conducted in the name of conversion therapy;

• Targeting talking conversion therapy with a new criminal offence; and

• Producing a package of holistic measures, such as Conversion Therapy Protection Orders, new support for victims, restricting promotion, removing profit streams, and strengthening the case for disqualification from holding a senior role in a charity.

Christian Concern begins by advising people how to respond to the question “Do you agree or disagree that the Government should intervene to end conversion therapy in principle?

We suggest selecting ‘Strongly Disagree’ in answer to this question. An answer is required.

There is then space to explain the reasons for your answer. In your own words you can make some of the following points.

• Therapy or pastoral care for unwanted sexual attractions or gender identity struggles is not something that should be criminalised.

• Therapy is a private consensual conversation which the government should not be using the full force of the law to get involved with.

• The state should not be intervening in church pastoral work or prayer ministry. Any proposed new law risks criminalising Christian ministry or the expression of Christian beliefs on sexual morality and transgenderism.

• The proposed law would criminalise people for not being trans affirming, particularly in conversations with children. This would include parents, carers, social workers, youth workers or other friends or counsellors. Transgenderism is a hotly contested area in contemporary culture, and the law should not be intervening to say that children’s transgender identities must be affirmed.

The government adds:

We would like your views so that we can understand your feelings about the proposals we have outlined in this consultation. This will help us to improve and refine them, so that they provide fair protection for everyone.

While conversion therapy is an issue that overwhelmingly affects Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) people, we welcome responses from anyone who may be interested.

A summary of responses and the government’s response to this consultation will be published in due course following the closure of the consultation.

The government’s response will consider all valid responses submitted to the consultation, and will be based on careful consideration of the points made in consultation responses, not the number of responses received.

Christian Concern’s close ties with America’s ç (ADF) means that it has considerable influence and money.

ADF’s global wing, ADF International – which opposes abortion rights, same-sex marriage equality and assisted suicide – has a multi-million dollar budget, but does not disclose who its funders are. It opened an office in London two years ago and is now spending hundreds of thousands in the UK.

ADF International’s spending in the UK – which amounted to more than £370,000 in 2017–18 alone.The only way to subvert Christian Concern’s grooming attempt is to take part in the consultation, and I would strongly advise readers to do so.

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Only by countering efforts to stop the ban of conversion  by this outfit, and other faith-based anti-LGBT groups such as the Northern Ireland-based Core Issues Trust, headed by “ex-gay” charlatan Mike Davidson, above, can we ensure that the UK follows the example of countries that have already banned this disgusting and dangerous practice.

You can access the consultation here.

Several countries, according to LGBT+ advocacy group Stonewall,  have introduced criminal bans for those found to be practicing conversion therapy, including Ecuador in 2014 and Malta in 2016. Also in 2016, Switzerland implemented a ban which can be determined as criminal by the Federal Council.

In 2019, Germany banned conversion therapy for minors, as well as protecting adults undergoing conversion therapy because of force, fraud or pressure.

When it comes to provinces, regions and territories, Canada, Spain and Australia continue to make progress. Bans for minors are already in place across several Canadian territories – namely Ontario and Manitoba in 2015, Nova Scotia in 2018, and Prince Edward Island, Quebec Provinces and Yukon Territory in 2020.

In Spain, Murcia has implemented a ban on registered health professionals practising conversion therapy, and Madrid, Valencia, Andalusia and Aragon all introduced criminal bans in 2017.

In 2020, Queensland State in Australia made conversion therapy a criminal offence, and followed by Victoria in 2021. And between 2013 and 2020, bans of varying forms have been implemented across 20 states, two territories, and multiple local counties or municipalities in the United States.
Earlier this year, Chile introduced a medical ban, and in India, the Madras High Court issued directives to prohibit conversion therapy in India.

Today, national Governments and Parliaments in Ireland, Canada, New Zealand, Israel, Norway, Denmark, Finland and France are all actively considering conversion therapy ban legislation, or are in the process of launching consultations.

The latest news from Canada is that the Liberal government is set to introduce a tougher version of its earlier bill to ban conversion therapy, which failed to pass before Parliament was dissolved for the election.

Nicholas Schiavo of the advocacy group No Conversion Canada says he has been told by government representatives that the new bill will “leave less room for loopholes.”

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