The Lumen Fidei Institute wants Father Seamus Madigan punished for his message of support

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Father Madigan, above, Head Chaplain of the Irish Defence Forces, incurred the wrath of the institute by saying in a video that ‘it takes sunshine and rain to make a rainbow, and its beauty is i made up of many colors and hues all sitting together in perfect harmony.’

We’re all different, yet united in our desire for happiness, belonging, meaning, making a difference, living a life less ordinary. We all face challenges and joys that come with being alive, knowing who we are, living meaningful relationships and finding our place in the world.

Our diversity is rooted in a deeper unity. This year I was looking forward to representing the chaplaincy service of the Irish Defense Forces for the first time at the Dublin Pride Parade. I felt privileged as head chaplain to have the opportunity to walk side-by-side with our LGBTQI+ members showing solidarity and support. Unfortunately the COVID-19 pandemic means the 2020 parade will not take place.

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LifeSiteNews reported that Anthony Murphy, above, founder of the institute, said that Madigan’s support of the Pride Parade being published on not only on YouTube but also on the Irish Army website:

Is a cause of grave scandal especially as it sends out the wrong message to our young people concerning Catholic teaching on homosexual acts.

As these remarks have been made public, the Lumen Fidei Institute has respectfully asked the Bishop of Limerick, Brendan Leahy, to publicly correct Fr Séamus Madigan’s erroneous statements and make it clear, especially to our young people, that Catholics cannot take part in parades which celebrate immoral lifestyles.

It seems that Leahy has given this posturing little twit the brush-off. Murphy huffed:

Unfortunately, we have not had a response from the bishop so we must assume that he does not view this as a matter worthy of his attention. If the Bishop refuses to intervene in the scandal then this will be a further sign not only of the rapid decline of the Church in Ireland, but also of the moral cowardice and negligence of our bishops. Once again the enemies of Christ are free to spread confusion while faithful Catholics are abandoned.

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Liam Gibson, above, the Northern Ireland-based spokesman for the anti-abortion, “pro-family” Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC) is also unleashed venom:

The sentiments expressed in the message from the Chaplaincy Service of the Irish Defence Forces will be familiar to Catholics in most Western nations. Large sections of the Church have given in to pressure to affirm the homosexualist agenda.

Catholics in the pro-life movement will, however, recognise that this agenda is incompatible with the Gospel. The distorted view of human sexuality which it promotes not only views children as the disposable by-product of sexual relations between men and women but it has also turned them into the commodities of the IVF industry or goods to be exchanged in surrogacy agreements.

Gibson said that Madigan’s message is also a:

Betrayal of the men and women who have bought into the homosexual subculture so closely associated with substance abuse, intimate partner violence and emotional instability.

It is ironic that while the Catholic bishops are drastically limiting access to the sacraments, supposedly to reduce the risk of contracting [COVID-19], some within the Church seem eager to endorse dangerous sexual practices.

We know these practices can result in serious diseases and can radically reduce life expectancy. But worst of all, Father Madigan’s message shows a complete disregard for the spiritual welfare of the individuals caught up in such self-destructive behaviour.

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