CHRISTIAN concern, a nasty little British outfit made up of perpetually outraged bigots, is seething over the fact that Disney in London rejected an anti-gay petition, and told a woman who tried to present it to vacate its premises.

The petition was started when homophobes got wind of the fact that Disneyland Paris was about to officially hosted its first LGBT Pride event on June 1, making it the first Disney theme park to do so.

Image via Christian Concern/YouTube

A day before the event Caroline Farrow, above left, Campaign Director for CitizenGO in the UK and Ireland, slithered over to Disney’s headquarters, accompanied by Mickey Mouse and a Christian Concern camera person, to present the petition signed by 250,000. This number has now swelled to almost 400,000.

Speaking outside Disney’s headquarters, Farrow – an “independent freelance journalist, broadcaster and commentator, specialising in Catholicism and feminism” – explained how the Pride event ran contrary to Disney’s “family-friendly values”:

Gay pride events are synonymous with lewd behaviour, sexualised behaviour. You see participants who are semi-naked, who are wearing wholly inappropriate, sexual fetish, BDSM costumes, and this is just not suitable in a park that is designed for family-friendly entertainment.

She added:

Moreover, Disney are advertising their parade as being about love and diversity. But what this is, is an indoctrination of young families and young children of the whole LGBT ideology.

Images via YouTube

Christian Concern, founded by the loopy Christian extremist Andrea Minichiello Williams, above, whined:

Despite a lawful and peaceful approach to protesting the Pride event, Ms Farrow was asked to vacate the premises and Disney officials refused to accept the petition. However, Ms Farrow said she would not give up, and promised to send them the signatories of the petition. 

Farrow later commented:

This is the voice of 250,000 of their customers saying, look, we do not want this to happen in a family-friendly park. They will hear our voice. We were behaving completely reasonably and I’m sorry they wouldn’t accept the petition.

In the video below, Farrow insists that the protest was a secular and “not a religious one.”

The petition complains:

Unfortunately, Disney’s parks are no longer family-friendly. This Saturday, thousands of children at Disneyland Paris will be indoctrinated with the LGBT agenda. On Saturday, June 1st, Disney will host its first Gay Pride Parade… in an amusement park created for families and children!

Can you believe that they would stoop as low as indoctrinating children in a place like Disney?

Please sign this petition to ask Disney to protect children and cancel the Gay Pride Parade on Saturday.

I’m sure the LGTB lobby is already counting this as a victory for their dangerous agenda.

We cannot sit by and allow a gay pride parade to be held in this purportedly family-friendly venue. We cannot allow Disney to indoctrinate our children in an entertainment area that is intended for all audiences.

Christian Concern reports that:

Until the mid-1980s, Disney had previously prohibited same-sex couples from dancing and performing at their theme parks. However, for the last few years, Disney resorts around the world have allowed independent groups to stage Pride events, but have deliberately chosen not to advertise, promote or organise the events.

Four years ago, Disneyland Paris allowed a travel agency to gather in the park for happy hour drinks with an LGBT theme. This gathering has gradually garnered more support, last year attracting some 300 people.

However this year, Disneyland Paris took the unprecedented step to host the event, labelling it ‘Magical Pride’. Writing in the Los Angeles Times, travel journalist Hugo Martin stated that the decision to host this year’s Pride parade marked ‘a dramatic shift for the world’s biggest theme park operator.’

Note: This report was cross-posted from The Freethinker.

Update: I was was prompted by a someone who left a comment on The Freethinker site to email CitizenGO to ask:

Can you inform me whether you had permission from Disney to use images of Mickey and Minny Mouse for your petition, as well as sending someone dressed as Micky Mouse to Disney’s London H/Q? If not it would appear that you have violated the company’s intellectual property rights for your hateful petition. See I look forward to your response.