Italy's Family Minister supports hate procession

TODAY, June 1, saw the northern Italian city of a Modena celebrate its Pride 2019 event – and Catholics staged a procession of atonement that was enthusiastically endorsed by Italy’s Minister for the Family Lorenzo Fontana, inset.

Asked about the “Procession of Reparation to the Sacred Heart” – some sort of nonsensical “exorcism” – Fontana, who is also vice-secretary for Italy’s Northern League party, said he “absolutely agrees” with the procession.

“I am happy that you all are doing this, and I wish you good luck,” Fontana told organisers.

I hope that you will be able to do your best, because certain Christian values are the foundation of our history, our identity and our tradition, and we need to uphold them.

One of the key organisers of the barmy procession was  Cristiano Lugli, who young layman, explained the importance of this public act of reparation, “particularly in light of the LGBT lobby’s tightening grip on Italian school children through the promotion of gender theory in the classroom.”

He said that he and other organizers have received “every kind of insult” and “even death threats” for organising the procession.

We are not surprised by the gays or atheists who insult us but by those ‘Catholics’ who tell us that we will burn in hell for having organized a reparation procession.

He added:

If the Church no longer stands as the guardian of the one Truth who is Jesus Christ, then everything becomes relative.

Ahead of this morniing’s procession, large crucifix was held aloft at the front of the procession.

Lugli said:

We believe that ‘gay-pride’ is a very serious act against God, against Our Lady and against the Saints, because it tends to subvert the natural order willed by God himself. It is a public sin against nature, and the Magisterium of the Church teaches that a public and manifest sin must be met with a public act of reparation. This is the purpose of the procession.

And there was this:

Unfortunately ‘Gay pride’ events have been organized to take place all over Italy early this summer. The ‘LGBT’ lobby in Italy, as in the rest of the world, is very powerful. The ‘gay pride’ march being held in Modena, for example, is being sponsored by the city: this means that it is also paid for with our taxes. This is absurd!

Modena’s procession is the fourth “great act of reparation” since 2017. The first was held in Reggio Emilia and two others took place in Rimini. Other small “acts of reparation” for gay pride events have been held in other cities as well.

Lugli lays the blame of the “upsurge” in LGBT events in Italy with the Christian Democracy Party, which governed for many years.

This, he said:

Turned Catholics into cowards. These ‘democratic Catholic’ are democratic even when it comes to the Gospel. They profess to be Christians, but when you tell them, for instance, that God created marriage to be between one man and one woman, they say times have changed and the most important thing is to give the same rights to all.