More than half a century ago the Catholic Church in Spain wanted to post 'Hell!' signs outside the Spanish resort of Benidorm when bikinis were first allowed. Now Christians are having conniptions over a bikini created by Adidas.

Towering above Benidorm, my home city and a magnet to millions of holidaymakers each year—especially from the UK—is a bloody great cross that serves as a reminder of Christian prudery.

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In the 1950s, Benidorm’s visionary Mayor, Pedro Zaragoza Orts, had a grand plan to transform his sleepy village into thriving international resort. Part his plan was to allow the wearing of bikinis—something that the then powerful Catholic Church in Spain was dead set against.

But, in an extraordinary move, Orts approached Spain’s murderous fascist dictator, General Franco, directly, and asked for permission to allow bikinis on the resort’s pristine beaches. This, at a time when the garment was banned in Spain.

Amazingly, Franco agreed. The Catholic Church reacted by threatening to excommunicate Orts and put up signs at entries to Benidorm, branding the resort “El Infierno!” (Hell!). Neither happened, but in the end the Church attempted to hold back the tide of “immodesty” it anticipated by placing a wooden cross high up on a hill. The cross was destroyed in a storm and a more robust one was erected.

The latest bikini row

I was reminded to the Benidorm’s bikini brouhaha when I read this week that a petition has been launched, calling on in the internationally famous company, Adidas, to stop selling a “Father, Son and Holy Spirit” bikini. The petition reads:

Massive global corporations have belittled and insulted Christianity for greed and public approval for decades—but Adidas has taken ‘woke’ corporate attacks too far with a brand-new bikini line that sexualizes God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. 

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Even worse, Adidas has sexually exploited a young 21-year-old social media star [Addison Rae] in order to push its blasphemous new bikini line. In a fortunate development, the young girl realized what she had done after an influx of internet outcry, and immediately deleted the post. 

But Adidas has remained unwavering in its sex-obsessed campaign to sell blasphemous bikinis while insulting Christinaity [sic] by keeping the bikini online—WHICH IS WHY WE NEED YOU TO BOYCOTT ADIDAS PRODUCTS IF THEY DO NOT PULL THEIR BLASPHEMOUS CAMPAIGN IMMEDIATELY!

Adidas has made a mockery of Christianity, thinking that the Christian faith can be insulted, twisted, and sold for the changing fashions of this world. We need YOU to condemn Adidas’ new campaign. Defend Christianity against the sexualization of what should be holy and sacred.

Without your voice, our culture will continue plunging into darkness with outrageous disrespect in cases exactly like Adidas. “Woke” corporations will continue insulting your deeply held beliefs—continuing to attack the very same beliefs which you have instilled into your children and family.  

Do not let them make a mockery of your deeply held Christian values! Speak out now and demand better from Adidas! 

P.S. — Nike sparked national outcry with blasphemous shoes just a few months ago, demonstrating that the attack on Christianity will only continue unless we begin speaking up! Now is the chance to push back against an anti-Christian culture, so send a powerful message and demand better from Adidas! 

The petition was launched by far-right Christian LifeSiteNews, infamous for its homophobia, wacky conspiracy theories and anti-vaccination propaganda.

Despite all this silly posturing and hysteria by Christian prodnoses, the bikini remains on sale for $100.00 (£82.00) via a company called Prayingg.

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