Sociopathic Christian thug Dorre Love has form for abusing LGBT people

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LOVE, above, was one of two men arrested this week for a vicious attack last Saturday that left Vancouver sportscaster Justin Morissette with serious leg injuries after he confronted a gang of aggressive  street preachers who targeted a gay area of the city.

Last year Love gatecrashed a Drag Queen Story Time event in Ottawa and loudly abused performer Adrianna Exposée.

According to this report, Morissette was getting ready for a date — a barbecue on his fourth-floor apartment deck — when he became annoyed by a loud sidewalk demonstration. Two preachers were blasting anti-gay rhetoric in the rainbow-festooned Davie Street village, the historical enclave of Vancouver’s gay community.

The 33-year-old broadcaster, with local radio station Sportsnet 650, confronted the preachers — and ended up with a broken leg.

Witnesses say the preachers had become a common fixture off and on for weeks, and that the city and police have done little. As Morissette approached, he says he could see the faces of his neighbours and the effect the anti-gay chants were having, especially on older members of the community.

He said:

Like hell if I’m going to let these hate-mongers come in and make my neighbours feel threatened and unsafe.

Morissette said he initially yelled that he does not pay $1,400-per-month to listen to this “garbage.”

I did not want this hate speech to be the soundtrack to our evening.

First Morissette says he yelled and swore. Then, he says, he tried to turn down the sound system and snatched away their microphone.

It was really easy to take because I’m bigger and stronger than them.

That’s when, he says, one man jumped on his back and another put him in a wrestling lock from behind. Then, Morissette said, the second man put a leg behind his and wrenched his body until the bones in his left leg snapped.

Image supplied by Justin Morissette

Morissette has two broken leg bones and a dislocated knee. A series of pins were inserted to stabilise his leg with an external metal rod. He will need surgery in about a week, after the swelling goes down. He says he expects to be in hospital for a few weeks at the least. Full recovery could take years and he says he may need a metal plate in his leg.

Love accused Morissette of attacking the evangelists and described their actions as defensive.

I was assaulted, A gentleman took my mic out of my hands and tried to get away with it.

Vancouver Police Sgt. Aaron Roed said police have forwarded a charge package to Crown for approval.

If approved, the Love and his cohort will face charges of aggravated assault and mischief.

The pair have been released on the condition they not contact each other or Morissette and stay out of gay parts of the city

Police says hate crime investigators will also be looking into the incident.

Morissette will need surgery in about a week, after the swelling goes down. He says he expects to be in hospital for a few weeks at the least.

Meanwhile, a fundraiser launched by Morissette’s brother Kevin has raised more than $50,000.

The fundraiser says that a group of preachers decided to set up speakers and a microphone at the corner of Burnaby and Thurlow Streets. This is the second time they’ve done so this summer.

The first time, they shared their homophobic and transphobic ideologies into their microphones for over an hour.

Residents of the neighbourhood actively called the police asking for these individuals to be stopped – to no avail …

2020 has brought with it the call to action for civilians to stand up and fight against intolerance and bigotry. Justin did exactly this by confronting this group of religious extremists who believed they had a right to spread hate speech.

Justin is proud of what he did but unfortunately he was violently assaulted and seriously injured. Luckily, police and ambulance were on scene. Justin was taken to hospital having both bones in his left leg broken and his left knee dislocated …

In the coming months, Justin will be faced with  medical bills, a loss of income, legal fees, rent and living costs. It will be some time before rehab is completed and he is able to return to work. He badly needs the help of his family and friends to manage this tragic turn of events.

Repelling preachers with Liquid Ass

A few years back I met I met a New Yorker who claimed great success in repelling street preachers with a substance called Liquid Ass. I thought he was joking until I checked out the product’s website, which claimed that:

Once unleashed, this power–packed, super–concentrated liquid begins to evaporate filling the air with a genuine, foul butt–crack smell with hints of dead animal and fresh poo.

The guy said he would sneak up to evangelists and spray their clothes, hair, Bibles and megaphones with the stuff, then watch them gag and flee.

My only violent encounter with a street preacher occurred in the early 1980s in London, when I ordered a black-clad, middle-aged evangelist to stop abusing a group of nurses who were demanding better wages during a protest outside a hospital.

The deranged preacher was calling them “whores”, “sluts”, “Jezebels” and the like, and I wasn’t having it. When I told him to shut the fuck up and move on, he rounded on me and called me a “godless hippy poof.”

When he moved to hit me with a bloody great Bible, I wrenched it out of his grip and threw it into the street, where it was shredded by a double-decker bus.

He dropped to his knees, wailing that I’d destroyed a family heirloom, and I was loudly cheered by those on the picket line.

Was I proud of my action? Damn right I was!

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