THE deeply homophobic and transphobic Christian Institute appears overjoyed by the fact that almost 100,000 signatures have been delivered to the American Library Association to protest against Drag Queen Story Hour, a literacy programme for children involving drag queens.

Although mainly an American phenomenon which is held in libraries across at least 20 US states,  similar events have taken place in a few UK locations in recent years.

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Speaking previously on this issue, Ciarán Kelly, above, a Deputy Director at The Christian Institute, outlined the “dangers” for young children:

Children are becoming increasingly confused by teaching that constantly bombards them with the notion that they can change gender. This has nothing to do with helping children but everything to do with using them as a propaganda tool to further the radical agenda of those who wish to do away with the precious distinctions between men and women.

The CI reported that:

Men dressed as women read stories to children as young as three. Parents have highlighted the lack of age appropriateness, with one mother telling CBS: There is a sexual side to drag queens, to what they are trying to teach.

The drag queens use a variety of pro-LGBT books and some sing songs such as, “the skirt on the drag queen goes swish, swish, swish.”

A survey by the Somerset County Gazette revealed that 65 per cent of over 2,600 respondents said they found an event in Taunton library “inappropriate.”

One person on social media questioned why libraries “want to promote these regressive and sexist parodies of women to children”.