Pink Triangle Trust donates funds to the CEMB

DESPITE the fact that the Sultan of Brunei – Hassanal Bolkiah, above – has done a u-turn on his  plan to use newly-introduced Sharia laws to execute homosexuals in the face of international condemnation, the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain (CEMB) is going ahead with a protest outside Brunei’s London Embassy.

The protest, part of a number of events the CEMB is planning for the run-up to Gay Pride in London on July 6, will take place on June 17. The Pink Triangle Trust has donated £1,000 to the organisation to help with its Pride participation costs.

Prior to Brunei protest, the organisation will will be holding a “fast-defying picnic” on June 1 at 1 pm and is asking for “refuseniks” to send in Ramadan stories using the hashtag #FastDefyingRamadanStories, #FastDefyingMyRight. To register to attend the picnic or publish your stories on social media during the month of Ramadan, please email

The CEMB claims that forcing children to fast during Ramadan is a form of child abuse.

Being forced to not eat or drink water for an entire month for 12+ hours a day is clearly harmful to children and child development. It causes sickness, dizziness, migraines, sunstrokes, lack of focus and tiredness as a result of dehydration or lack of sustenance.

It can also lead to depression, anxiety, mood swings, irritability, anger, apathy, reduced alertness, diminished comprehension … Children have been known to faint at school as a result.

Adults, of course, can fast if they choose. It’s important to remember that there is a corresponding right NOT to fast if one chooses not to. Nonetheless, when it comes to children, imposing fasting rules is child abuse and neglect.

The group has also launched a crowdfunding campaign to to raise money to participate in various Pride events. The National Secular Society has also contributed towards the appeal.

The CEMB has fought hard to take part in Gay Pride after the East London Mosque and the Islamic organisation, Mend, filed official complaints in 2017 over “Islamophobic” and “blasphemous” placards displayed at Pride 2017.

CEMB supporters at London Pride have been accused of ‘blasphemy’ and ‘Islamophobia’
It took Pride organisers eight months months to finally allow the CEMB to march again in 2018 after it vigorously took a stand against the “normalising” of blasphemy. It says:

CEMB supporters participating in London Pride were accused of ‘Islamophobia’ and ‘blasphemy’

Since our first participation in Pride, we have worked hard to explain the difference between apostasy/blasphemy and bigotry, to show how minorities within minorities have the right to think and live differently, highlight how homophobia is a pillar of the Islamist movement and that LGBT rights are intrinsically linked to the rights of other minorities, like ex-Muslims and women. We have also tried to reach out to Muslim LGBT groups.

We understand very well the similarities between LGBT Muslims and LGBT ex-Muslims. Both face the same backlash from family and community. LGBT Muslims are ostracised due to their sexuality and LGBT ex-Muslims are disowned for both the sexuality and their apostasy.

Also, CEMB works with a large number of refugees and asylum seekers, all of whom are apostates and some of whom are LGBT. Pride is particularly important to our members as one of the few public spaces where ex-Muslim and gay members can openly assert themselves without fear.

Our work is particularly important given the recent religious justification of homophobia at the Parkfield school in Birmingham …

It added:

CEMB is the only group that is critical of Islamic homophobia, focuses on the death penalty in Islamic states, and attempts to normalise and celebrate LGBT rights as well as apostasy and blasphemy.

This year, in July 2019, CEMB will hold a panel discussion bringing together both Muslim and Ex-Muslim speakers to talk about LGBT rights, apostasy and blasphemy. It will be an evening of film, poetry and raise important questions that are matters of life and death for many of us.

We will also be marching again in Gay Pride.

Both the evening event and Pride march will help us highlight the existence of both Muslim and apostate LGBT and will assert the human right to live as we choose, without threats, shunning or persecution.

The funds raised via this crowdfunding page will go towards the organising of the evening LGBT event, including a panel discussion, film screening and poetry. Costs include venue costs, travel and accommodation of speakers and security costs. The funds will also help us establish an exhibition of our iconic actions in defence of gay rights and apostasy, which will be shown at the event.

The funds will also enable us to take part in the London Pride parade and funds raised will be put towards the cost of the application to take part in the parade, placards and banners, props and outfits for those taking part and more …

Thank you so much for those of you who are able to donate; without you we will not be able to carry out our important work, which makes such a difference to the lives of those forced to suffer in silence or forced to live in the closet – be that the LGBT closet, or the apostasy closet.

The CEMB is both a support service and a campaigning group for the right of individuals that have left Islam.  It exists because apostates from Islam, blasphemers and atheists are executed in a large number of Islamic states. Their only crime being to think for themselves. The very same states, and more – 15 to be exact – also punish homosexuality with the death penalty.