PTT Chair Stephen Harvie reports on the 2022 activities of the Pink Triangle Trust

The Winter Solstice has passed and, while the trustees of the Pink Triangle Trust look forward to the new year and the opportunities that this will afford, it is appropriate that we reflect upon our many achievements in 2022.

As you are doubtless aware, the PTT exists to provide financial assistance and support to LGBTQ+ and Humanist causes throughout the world.

During 2022 the Trust has made substantial donations to many causes both national and international, including Just Like Us, an LGBT+ young people’s charity in the UK which works with schools and young people across the UK to ensure LGBT+ young people can thrive and The Naz and Matt Foundation— motto: “Be the person you were born to be”—for its mission to never let religion, any religion, come in the way of the unconditional love between parents and their children.

We also made a substantial donation to the Ugandan Humanist Schools Trust which helps a number of schools in Uganda to provide a liberal secular education to needy children irrespective of race or faith.

One of the most vital causes we were able to support was from Rainbow Sunrise Mapambazuko, an LGBT+ organisation in the Democratic Republic of Congo, which appealed for funds to relocate seven (trans) women from an area where they were faced with the choice of being burned as witches or a lifetime of forced servitude.

The PTT made numerous other donations.

 It is worth mentioning that no trustee of the charity claimed any expenses in 2021

At our AGM, Stephen Harvie was appointed chair, Hugo Estrella was appointed secretary and Diesel Balaam agreed to continue as treasurer. Thanks were also given to John Marshall and Nigel Jones for their continuing hard work on behalf of the PTT.

We are also indebted to Barry Duke for his on-going hard work keeping the PTT website and our Facebook page running and up to date.

The Pink Humanist carried many insightful articles highlighting the highs and lows of LGBTQ+ and Humanist life in 2022 and was unstinting in its criticism of the abuses of religious hypocrisy and privilege.

A happy, prosperous, and peace new year to all.

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