Alabama's John Merrill sounds a lot like Mary Whitehouse

WE heard it all before in the UK decades ago when the nation’s nanny – Mary Whitehouse, above, a deranged Christian who spawned the The National Viewers’ and Listeners’ Association (now known as Mediawatch-UK) – waged a ceaseless war against broadcasters and playwrights whom she accused of dishing out ‘filth’. 

Now the late bigot’s words  are being parroted by Alabama’s Secretary of State and Republican US Senate candidate John Merrill who believes the America’s morality is being undermined by too much gayness on TV.

The foundational principles which we have grown up as a nation are no more. There’s no more TV shows like ‘Gunsmoke’ or ‘Bonanza’ or ‘The Virginian’ or ‘I Love Lucy’ or ‘Andy Griffith’ … people are too interested in homosexual activities. They’re too interested in the wife swap TV shows and the shows that are not morally uplifting. That’s the problem.

Image via YouTube

Asked by to  explain what he meant, the sour-faced Merrill, above, said:

I meant what I said. People are too interested in anything that is not uplifting, edifying. They’re too busy being preoccupied with homosexual activities and the wife swap shows

He declined to give examples of how Americans are too preoccupied with “homosexual activities”.

Merrill said there are no longer shows:

That are based on biblical foundations. …Shows that promote family and culture with a father, a mother and children based on biblical teachings and biblical principles on which our nation was founded.

See Born of Mary.