WHEN staff at the Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic School in Madison, Wisconsin discovered that a teacher whom they had just hired supported gay rights they promptly rescinded her contract.

The teacher, referred to a “Sam”, wishes to remain anonymous because she doesn’t want the incident to jeopardise her chances of getting a new job.

Sam, a Catholic, said she accepted a job and signed a contract but shortly after was confronted by a staff member about an old Facebook photo that had Pride colours in it.

Sam responded by saying:

I will be honest. I do support the LGBT community.

She was ordered to  delete the photo, which she did. But a  week later, Sam got a call asking her to meet with the pastor at school.

They said, ‘We’re rescinding your contract.The priest wasn’t very happy with the LGBT post.’

The school declined an on-camera interview but put out a statement saying:

All teachers in a Catholic school are expected to comport themselves publicly in a way that is consistent with Church moral teachings. Multiple clear indications emerged and were brought to the school’s attention, that the teacher publicly held positions contrary to Church teachings. After consulting with the pastor, the decision was made to rescind/terminate the contract.

Sam insists:

You can still hold certain values and be part of the Catholic faith and the Catholic community. So I’m still kind of shocked that it’s 2019 and this is still happening.