Angry Ottawa parents get police to remove transphobic evangelist Dorre Love

AN evangelical preacher who gatecrashed a Drag Queen Story Time event in Ottawa got short shrift from parents, who objected to the way he loudly abused performer Adrianna Exposée.

Image via YouTube

The preacher, Dorre Love, was booed by the parents when he began spouting biblical baloney and accused Exposée of “dressing like a whore”. He also asked those attending the event:

Are you teaching children to be whores?

Love was one of a group of religious protesters who  interrupted the Westcliffe Community Centre event on Saturday, claiming it was “child abuse.”

Organisers say the interruption was “hateful” and “bigoted” and called the police. No one, however, was arrested.

Exposée said she’s open to hearing different points of view, but the way in which protesters interrupted her show was shocking and wrong.

I found it very inappropriate. We did rent out the space for ourselves to educate kids on what we believe, which is inclusion, diversity and love. I’m open to hearing all opinions, always. I am a very open-minded person, but to come in here, in that way, in that manner – it was hateful.

Exposée said she was comforted by the fact that people stood up to the protester and asked him to leave.

Megan Loney, an organiser of the event, said she was so devastated by what happened she immediately left the room when the man began speaking.

It was so the opposite of what today was supposed to be. It was supposed to be about diversity and inclusivity and love and fun, and what happened was the total opposite of that. It was hateful and it was bigoted.

Tristan and Michelle Maack brought their two young sons to the event to teach them about diversity. Tristan Maack said:

We always tell them to accept all people and people can be whatever way they want to be.
But he added that it was an unfortunate ending to what was an otherwise great event.

I just think that’s a really sad thing that they would come all the way here on a Saturday, just to tell people they’re wrong. I just feel sorry for those people.

Loney said it was at least encouraging to see parents stand up to the protesters.

I think there are more people who are loving and welcoming and compassionate than there are hateful, bigoted and spiteful.

While street preaching against homosexuality, Love is repeatedly told to ‘fuck off’ by an angry man. Image via YouTube.

Capital Pride, which kicked off on Sunday, issued a statement to condemn the protesters.

The violent and hateful incidents that occurred at a community organized family drag story time have no place in our community. These acts are aimed only at silencing and dividing our communities. We will not be silenced.

We will unite and will not stop our efforts to build a more inclusive community.

According to far-right Christian website LifeSiteNews, Love told those at the event:

The Bible says that men are men and women are women. And men shouldn’t dress like women, and women shouldn’t dress like men. That’s a sin. And the Bible says that the wages of sin are death.

And the imbecile threatened the children with hell:

Believe in Jesus, kids. Don’t believe in LGBT. Kids, if you don’t want to go to hell, believe in Jesus Christ. Jesus died for you. Jesus died for that drag queen. Jesus died for everyone.

He said that if they did not believe in Jesus Christ, they would be thrown in a lake of fire.