Paris-based Bolu Okupe calls ‘Bishop’ Emmah Isong 'ignorant'

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AFTER learning that former Nigerian banker Nigerian banker ‘Bishop’ Emmah Isong, above, wants his country to increase its persecution of its already persecuted LGBT citizens, one gay Nigerian living in Paris – Bolu Okupe – wrote on social media:

I hope one day you will educate yourself. If not, I don’t care; you will die ignorant and on the wrong side of history.

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The hunky Okupe, who posted a Valentine’ s Day picture of himself on Facebook, is the son of politician Dr Doyin Okupe, who was horrified when Bolu came out in January this year:

According to this report, Dr Okupe said:

I gave him that name MOBA OLUWA RIN, ( I WALKED WITH GOD) because he was born at the time I gave my life to Christ.

I have been aware of his new orientation for a while now. He knows that as a Christian and a witness for Christ (an evangelist) I am vehemently opposed to homosexuality as it runs contrary to the avowed precepts of my Christian faith.

For me I look beyond the surface or the physical. Here I see a major spiritual challenge ahead but I know as my God liveth, this whole saga will end up in Praise to the Almighty Jehovah who I serve day and night.

Bolu Okupe spoke out after Emmah Isong reacted with outrage earlier this month to Joe Biden’ call for a global initiative to to protect LBGT+ rights. He challenged the US President to “practice what he preaches” by coming to Nigeria and take a man for his “wife.”

Isong’s rant was in the form of a recent Sahara Reporters interview in which he slammed a presidential memorandum issued by Biden that called on the State Department:

To ensure that United States diplomacy and foreign assistance promote and protect the human rights of LGBTQI+ persons.

Isong, Publicity Secretary of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, suggested that Biden wouldn’t have to look far in Nigeria to find a male spouse because, despite the country’s harsh laws against homosexuality:

You can see a lot of people parading themselves as transgenders, cross-dressers and gay people; no police have arrested them. There is no single police officer that has arrested any cross-dresser in Nigeria.

Rather than treat gay Nigerians better, Ison believes that officials should double down on oppression of LGBT people.

We are not among the states under American nation. We have the right to be anti-gay, I believe no one can sanction us for that. If they sanction us for being against gays, we can sanction them for believing in it.

Let there be an official gazetted letter signed by the Secretary of State of the United States telling us to become gay, then we invite the president of the US to come and marry a man in Nigeria as his second wife.

He must practice what he’s preaching. If the president of America wants Nigeria to practice gay, he should come and marry a man from here so we will know he means business.

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