Christian Institute's Ciarán Kelly blasts Alicia Kearns for comparing 'pray-away-the-gay' therapies to 'corrective rape.'

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KELLY, above, a Deputy Director of the fanatically homophobic Christian Institute, expressed outrage over a recent article written by Conservative MP Alicia Kearns in which she listed prayer alongside ‘grotesque’ acts such as ‘corrective rape’ to cure gays of their homosexual tendencies.

Writing for The House magazine, she said the “fraudulent and abhorrent practice” of conversion therapy must be criminalised, as existing laws do not enable prosecution where no physical harm has been caused.

She said any attempt to stop someone from expressing their chosen gender identity or sexual orientation is tantamount to conversion therapy, which she said:

Can range from ‘therapy’ and prayer sessions, to aversive treatments like electroshocks or even ‘corrective’ rape’.

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Kearns, above, said a ban had to include: “not only conversion therapy to change sexual orientation” but also “non-consensual attempts to prevent someone from expressing their own identity”.

She made it clear that she wants a ban to include parents seeking to protect their children.

Kelly responded by saying:

It is outrageous to suggest that praying with someone is in any way comparable to rape. Christians everywhere naturally oppose the abusive practices mentioned. But they are already illegal.

Banning prayer and pastoral care of people with unwanted same-sex attraction or gender confusion would be unacceptable.

He added:

The activists’ shocking game plan is out in the open for all to see. They want to exploit public revulsion at claims of ‘corrective rape’ in order to criminalise fundamental Christian practices, and make it illegal for parents to protect their kids. It is alarming to see an MP driving such a radical agenda.

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Meanwhile, PinkNews reports that actor, writer and Humanist UK pareon Stephen Fry, above, and human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell, have told UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson to stop dragging his heels over the issue, and follow examples of other countries which have outlawed such interventions.

Fry and Tatchell have launched a “Stop Dithering” campaign.

As part of the new campaign, they are asking people to sign a petition to be delivered to government calling for the pseudoscientific process to be outlawed.

Fry said in a statement:

Any attempt to change a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity is unethical, I urge you to sign this petition and call on the UK government to act swiftly to honour its pledge to make this cruel, contemptuous and harmful practice illegal.

Meanwhile, Peter Tatchell said conversion therapy is:

Immoral, ineffective and damaging. No one should be told their sexual orientation or gender identity is something that is flawed and requires changing.

The practice is based on the bigoted assumption that being lesbian, gay, bisexual or trans is a defect or illness that can be ‘cured’.

LGBT+ conversion treatments are damaging and discredited. They have been condemned by all major UK medical, psychological and counselling organisations. Attempts to shame or pressure a person into denying a core part of who they are can have a devastating impact on their mental health and well-being.

Tatchell went on to lambast the government for its failure to enact a ban on the dangeous and discredited  practice, noting that Germany, some US states and parts of Australia have introduced legislation to put a stop to conversion therapy.

While Boris Johnson and Liz Truss procrastinate, people continue to suffer as a result of this quack practice, which has been linked to anxiety, depression and self-harm.

The UK government first pledged to ban conversion therapy in July 2018 – but more than two years later, the practice remains legal.

Truss, the government’s Equalities minister, said she would be “bringing forward plans” to outlaw conversion therapy in June 2020, and in July, Johnson said the practice:

Has no place in a civilised society.

Despite this, they subsequently claimed the government would have to do more research before banning conversion therapy, and it remains legal across the UK.

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