But many believe the alleged robbery at 'Bishop' Lamor Miller-Whitehead's church was staged in a bid to cash in on insurance money.

For centuries religion has proved a fertile breeding ground for scamsters and hatemongers. And, for over 50 years, I have reported on a huge number of crimes committed by a rich assortment of tricksters, fraudsters, chisellers and charlatans who know that True Believers™ can be separated from their dignity, their cash and much, much more with consummate ease.

In many cases, these con artists—Frankin Graham is a notable example—use their position to incite hatred against LGBT+ communities and other folk they regard as “sinful.”

So, should we should rejoice when Swindlers for God occasionally get their comeuppance? Absolutely—so long no violence is involved.

‘Bishop’ Lamor Miller-Whitehead. Image via YouTube.

But in the case of this bling-loving preacher it would be prudent to hold back the schadenfreude until it’s ascertained that the robbery at his Leaders of Tomorrow International Church in Brooklyn was for real.

Many who have carefully studied footage of the pair being robbed at gunpoint are convinced that it was staged as part of an insurance scam.

BlackMaleAdvice TV posted a video to YouTube, which purports to show that the robbery was fake. It makes a pretty convincing case for fraud.

The “bishop” reenacts the moment he hit the deck when gunmen entered his church. Image via YouTube.

But Miller-Whitehead vehemently denied this, and said that the media was protraying him as a “bling-bling bishop” because of his race. 

The media, for some reason, you portray black men as criminals. My church can’t get no sympathy nor empathy.

Even if the robbery was real, one has to ask why this pair of ostentatious Bible-thumpers found it necessary to appear before a congregation decked out in jewelry reportedly worth $1-m.

FFS, this wasn’t the Oscars!

Know this:

Miller-Whitehead has an alleged history of grifting and served time in prison for identity theft and grand larceny. Not just that, he is also the target of a lawsuit accusing him of cheating a parishioner and getting $90,000 out of her life savings in 2020. In another case against him, developers, who sold him his $1.6 million house in New Jersey, had won a court judgment against Whitehead last year for more than $335,000 that still has not been paid.

This info appears in a report that says the pastor—known for his love of designer clothing, including Gucci, Balenciaga, Fendi and Prada—had approached Chicago’s Mayor, Eric Adams, and asked him to help enact a law that would allow pastors and other members of clergy to arm themselves. Even if they have criminal records!

Adams offered a one-word reply, “No.”

At a press conference at the end of July, the pastor criticised the media for digging into his criminal and financial history in the wake of the robbery.

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