Gay and Lesbian Humanist

Gay and Lesbian Humanist (ISSN 0953-8763) was a quarterly magazine published by the Pink Triangle Trust until 2005. It was issued free to members of the Gay and Lesbian Humanist Association, was available by subscription to non-members in the United States and elsewhere, and was on sale at a number of bookshops in the UK.

Gay and Lesbian Humanist was a 24-page A4-size publication (32-page A5-size up to Spring 1998), professionally printed on high-quality paper with full-colour covers and well illustrated with black and white photographs throughout. It contained news, world watch, feature articles, regular columns, reviews and postbag. Regular contributors included journalists writing for the lesbian/gay and humanist press. You can see a sample of items from the magazine by following the links to online columns, features and reviews below.

An online successor to Gay and Lesbian Humanist was launched in October 2008. A new online successor entitled The Pink Humanist was launched in December 2011.

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