Christian Legal Centre head rants about school's 'promotion' of homosexuality

ANDREA Miniciello Williams, the swivel-eyed bigot whose mission is to defend the right of Christian zealots to spread anti-gay hatred, is waging a hostile campaign against a London primary school headteacher.

Her website, Christian Concern, claims that 
Susan Papas, head of Heavers Farmer Primary School, Croydon, South London “forced children to participate in a Gay Pride parade last year” and later “unlawfully” excluded two 10-year-old pupils from their classes because they did not want to participate in an LGBT lesson during Gay Pride Month.

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It appears that, at the instigation of Williams, above, and her cohorts, the parents of the two children have lodged a complaint against Papas with the local authority. Clearly, their objective is to have Papas removed for promoting tolerance.

Williams, who also Chief Executive of the Christian Legal Centre said:

This is why parents are beginning to see the dangers of the imposition of the new sexual and gender ideology that does not permit dissent even from  innocent ten year old children.

This incident highlights again just how aggressive and intolerant the LGBT agenda can be. An ideology that has to resort to such heavy-handed tactics to force ten-year-old children to accept something that instinctively they do not, only highlights how life-crushing that ideology is.

Here we see the fragility of this whole sexual agenda imposed on our children and unable to withstand the challenge of innocent ten year old children.

When bullies know that right is not on their side they resort to coercion and intimidation. That is exactly what is being played out in Heavers Farm Primary School.

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Christian Concern made a point of telling the fools that support it that 
Labour MP for Croydon North, Steve Reed, above, “who is openly gay and a strong advocate for LGBT rights”, has previously supported Papas. After attending the scaled-down Pride event in 2018, he tweeted:

With the wonderful staff and children at Heavers Farm for their Pride celebration – very proud of them for standing up for equality and diversity.